My name is Yoonsik Park. I completed my B.Sc. at the University of Toronto in Bioinformatics and Computer Science. I recently obtained my M.D. at the University of Manitoba, and I am now studying Family and Community Medicine at the University of Toronto.

About Me

I am currently a resident at Humber River Hospital. I am interested in using Natural Language Processing models to better understand and summarize patient data.

I enjoy solving both biological and computer science problems. The process of synthesizing two different mindsets to produce novel solutions is extremely rewarding to me. Now, I am excited to explore innovative ways to improve patient care.


Hoppy Network

March 2021

Hoppy is a tunneling service that allows for self-hosting of websites, email servers, and other cloud services, even when behind a NAT or restrictive ISP. WireGuard is used to forward a static IPv4 and IPv6 address range to devices. Check out or read more about the inspiration for this service!

Adobe Cube LUT Image Tool

December 2019

Cube LUTs are powerful filters used to alter the look and feel of images, but generally require the use of proprietary software such as Adobe Photoshop. pycubelut was created to be the first free and easy to use command-line tool for applying Cube LUTs to images. Download from PyPI or GitHub.

Predicting the Pathogenicity of Copy Number Variations

Summer 2018

In this project, multiple machine learning techniques (t-SNE, neural networks, XGBoost trees) are used to understand how certain features of large DNA duplications or deletions can predict disease outcome. The code repository and Jupyter notebooks are on GitHub.

Particulate Matter Sensor

October 2017

Check out the current air quality in my home! This project measures the level of particulate matter, i.e. very small particles suspended in the air, which have been linked to premature death, heart disease, and other serious health effects. The code for the sensors and the live graph is available.


Preparing Medical Students for the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Healthcare. Canadian Federation of Medical Students AGM 2020. [PDF]

Genome Gerrymandering: Optimal Division of the Genome into Regions with Cancer type Specific Differences in Mutation Rates. Pac Symp Biocomput 2020. [PubMed] [PDF]


Back in the Freedom Dimension (Episode 398). Linux Unplugged Podcast. March 2021. [Link]



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