My name is Yoonsik Park. I completed my B.Sc. at the University of Toronto for Bioinformatics & Computational Biology and Computer Science. I am currently studying Medicine at the University of Manitoba.

About Me

I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This past summer, I worked on a cancer machine learning project at the Vector Institute in Toronto.

I decided to specialize in computational biology because I truly enjoy solving both biological and computer science problems. The process of synthesizing two different mindsets to produce novel solutions is extremely rewarding to me. Now, I am excited to learn more about the applications of machine learning to healthcare.


Predicting the Pathogenicity of Copy Number Variations

Summer 2018

In this project, multiple machine learning techniques (t-SNE, neural networks, XGBoost trees) are used to understand how certain features of large DNA duplications or deletions can predict disease outcome. The code repository and Jupyter notebooks are on GitHub.

Particulate Matter Sensor

October 2017

Check out the current air quality in my home! This project measures the level of particulate matter, i.e. very small particles suspended in the air, which have been linked to premature death, heart disease, and other serious health effects. The code for the sensors and the live graph is available.

Kindle Weather Display

January 2016

A guide on creating your very own Kindle Weather Station! This project lets you view the current weather conditions of a city directly on your Kindle's e-paper display. Weather data is scraped from Yahoo. There is a video of the build process, as well as a repository for the server-side software.



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