July 6, 2018 · opinion ·

Baseus Wireless Charger Review

So last week I was searching for a good quality wireless charger for my iPhone 8. Even though I think wireless charging shouldn't be a thing (imagine if somebody developed a method to wirelessly fuel up your car, except you had to buy 40% more gas than usual, and multiply that by 700 million users), somehow I justified buying a wireless charger off of AliExpress. The item in question is the Baseus Qi Wireless Charger. I ordered the item on the night of June 27th, and much to my surprise it arrived today on July 6th, meaning it only took 8 days to get here! This is probably the fastest I've ever received an item from China. And don't even get me started on the longest it's ever taken... Here is a picture of the listing:
And here are some pictures I took myself:




That last photo shows one of my justifications for buying a wireless charger. As you probably know, iPhones no longer have headphone jacks, meaning it is now very difficult to charge your phone and also plug in headphones. However, with wireless charging, I can still charge and listen at the same time.

Regarding charging speeds, according to a guide by MacRumors, iPhones support 7.5W wireless charging which is a bit faster than the normal 5W charger included in the box. I haven't been able to test the charging speed yet, but apparently this charger supports 7.5W wireless charging.

Finally, here is a video of how quickly the phone begins charging after placing it on the charger: