October 29, 2018 · backup linux

Backup the Keybase File System with One Line

Keybase File System is a new way to securely store files in the cloud. Keybase is unique in that it ensures that only I have access to the decryption keys. However, Keybase File System is volatile, meaning somebody can reset my account and have the files deleted if they are able to guess my password. As a precaution, I now run the following rsync command every few days, thus ensuring that I have all my files backed up:

rsync -rltv /keybase/private/yoonsikp/ ~/kbfs_backup/

If you also want to delete files on the destination to match your source directory:

rsync -rltv --delete --force /keybase/private/yoonsikp/ ~/kbfs_backup/


If you want to remove hidden macOS system files after the upload, run the following command:

find . -name .DS_Store -type f -delete ; dot_clean -mv