November 2, 2018 · networking

Email Settings for U of T Teaching Lab Accounts

The only reason I needed email access to the U of T Teaching Lab accounts was to sign up for Free Software provided to Computer Science students at the University of Toronto. Through this, I obtained legitimate copies of Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, among other things.

For POP3 Incoming Emails:

Username: your_UTORid

Password: your_teach_cs_password


Port: 995, Security: TLS/SSL

For SMTP Outgoing Emails:

Use an email server that allows you to set your own custom From: email address.

However, most SMTP servers disable this feature, so an alternative would be to ssh into the servers, and use the sendmail command:


parkyo36@wolf:~$ sendmail
Subject: Testing Send Mail
Hello World
# Ctrl-D (this key combination will finish the email)