April 2, 2021 · software listicle macos

13 Tools for macOS Power Users

Just a quick blog post, where I share useful macOS tools.

  • The Unarchiver
    • The most versatile archive extractor
  • Rectangle
    • Windowing manager with keyboard shortcuts
  • xbar
    • Customizable and live-updating menubar (updated from BitBar to xbar)
  • Resolution Menu
  • SensibleSideButtons
    • Enable the side buttons on your mouse
  • Macs Fan Control
    • Check system temps, and set up your own fan curve
  • ImageOptim
    • Compress and anonymize images before sharing or posting
  • Keyboard Cleaner
    • Disable keyboard input while you clean your keyboard
  • Inventory X
    • Visualize files are taking up the most space
  • IINA
    • A media player that's better than QuickTime, VLC and MPV, 'nuff said
  • Transmission
    • Lightweight BitTorrent client, for downloading movies, software, and more
  • noTunes
    • Stop the Music app from launching whenever you press the Play/Pause button
  • MonitorControl
    • Control your external monitor brightness & volume on your Mac, using native UI