August 24, 2023 · linux selfhost backup

Restoring iPhones with idevicebackup2

Recently I used idevicebackup2 to restore my iPhone after it had been reset. It took me a few trys to find the proper command for a backup restore, as I kept running into a bug where no apps were being installed. In my previously posted guide I used the following:

idevicebackup2 -i -s "00008020-0000000000000000" restore --system --settings ./

However, removing the settings flag and adding the no-reboot flag fixed this issue.

idevicebackup2 -i -s "00008020-0000000000000000" restore --system --no-reboot ./

My iPhone was in airplane mode as well, which probably caused this. I had to manually reboot at which point it repopulated the home screen.